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Check This Out!

This page is dedicated to highlighting some of our most popular and trending items. Make sure to check in every now and then because you never know when we're going to add something that might be perfect for your event. 

Have an idea, but not sure if we have it? Give us a call!

Inflatable Pub

Inflatable Pub Edited.jpg

Perfect For:

Who says the kids get to have all the fun? The Inflatable Pub is the perfect addition to your next backyard BBQ, block party to street fair, fundraisers and Oktoberfest celebrations.


How To Enjoy: 

As guests walk in they'll instantly feel like they've arrived at an Irish tavern, British pub or German brew haus with its printed roof tiles, brick walls and faux fireplace. Hire a bartender to serve drinks or use this as a place adults can just relax and grab a cold one.  



The Pub can fit up to 20 adults comfortably.

Field Goal Kick

Perfect For:

A Super Bowl Party, any sports related events, anyone who loves football


How To Play: 

Fans try to kick a regulation football through the goal posts. The computer and sensors instantaneously calculate the distance in yards that the football would have traveled. The distance/score is displayed on the scoreboard.  Guests get to watch the kick on the flat screen displays!



The area is completely netted on three sides and on the top so the football stays within the structure when kicked.

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